Our team is completely dedicated to protecting your business. Our speciality is penetration testing, however we can also assist you in building secure applications, provide first aid after cyber attacks and give you the best advices in how to prevent one from happning.

Best-in-class penetration testing (pen test) that are available in white-box, gray-box, and black-box approaches.


Penetration Testing

Controlled online and offline hacker attacks that will hack into a facility of your choosing, while infiltrating and acquiring sensitive data.

Reducing the risk to cyber security from social engineering


Social Engineering

Launching of realistic social engineering attacks which will prepare your employees in how to identifety attacks and act proactivity.

We can assist organizations with limited resources to review, test, and plan their cyber security strategy.


Advisory Services

Through the identification of risk and creating a great strategy we can help you to lock out any attacks from third party organisations.

Jiggsoft is a leading provider of Custom Software Development based on OWASP AppSensor Project


Custom Solutions

Strong expertise in adaption of value-driven agile delivery processes for development of secure mobile applications, cloud and markets.




Introducing Chernobyl, the next generation USB attack platform that combines all possibilities of offensive security penetration attacks based on threat intelligence with all the magic of open source based stealth hardware. It is based on a threat led penetration testing approach, by using threat intelligence from the darknet and deepnet to build payloads Chernobyl advances the boundaries of conventional penetration testing by seeking to adopt the tactics, techniques and procedures of an advanced threat actor aggressively targeting a critical system.

  • Based on same  techniques as today’s cyber villains use.
  • Modern foundation based on open hardware and software.
  • Discovers potential weaknesses within minutes.
  • Engineered for conistent, reliability and phenomenal performance.
Chernobyl is the world's most advanced USB attack platform!


Advanced keylogger coded in AutoIT and Python that requires no dependencies to run on the target computer.

  • Retrieves credentials from system admin, browsers, data and lots more.
  • Advanced Remote Keylogger.
  • Integrates "stubs" from dark sides of the web to test anti virus shields.
  • Easily customized to include thirdpart tools such as Meterpreter.
  • Advanced loggings and and statistics.
  • Results can be delivered by ftp or e-mail.
keylogger with amazing functionality and stealthiness.


Every component in Chernobyl is optimized for performance.

  • Emulating USB devices such as gigabit Ethernet, serial, flash storage and keyboards.
  • Optimized to adjust emulation speed based on the target computer specs.
  • Built-in protection against "anti badusb firewalls".
  • MicroSD card slot designed for easily swapping payloads
  • NXP i.MX53 ARM® Cortex™-A8 800Mhz, 512MB DDR3 RAM.
  • Ruggedized metal case to resist physical break-ins.
Have complete keyboard control with this amazing keylogger hardware


Despite the name, Chernobyl is actually designed, produced and programmed in Sweden.

  • World-class engineering from Sweden, no quality compromises.
  • Each Chernobyl is programmed according to the requirements from our clients.
  • The code can easily be replaced with a new microsd from us.
  • We only sell to companies with a VAT code to avoid illegal abuse.
  • The basic config starts at 500 euro and delivery can be expected within two weeks.
  • Order by contacting us at services@jiggsoft.com and tell what you need.
Made in Sweden


Jiggsoft is not limited to standard penetration tests as we have developed our own platform, however we are familiar with many methods such as OWASP, PTES, OSSTMM, NIST 800-115, PCI DSS, BSI and standards like ISO/IEC 27000-series to mention a few. For custom development we combine a agile and interactive development process with sensor technologies such as OWASP AppSensor Project.



The rise of crypters and decline of anti virus software means that there is no "guarantees" against a attack, however though the history of business data has shown to be the best way to take decisions during times of uncertainty. It is our belief that by collecting, mapping and correlating big data collected from the dark sides of the web it is possible to build solutions that can stand their ground against hacker attacks, even 0 day exploits.






Did you know that the internet is like an iceberg?

Only 10 % of the content online can be accessed using search engines, rest is either not indexed or hiding from the public using TOR and onion links. The latest security exploits are published in hidden forums that requires vouched access. We manually gather information from such websites and perform daily analysis to find patterns and trends, beside that we gather information from over 5000 hidden websites using machine-learning algorithms.


Below are some case studies from penetration tests conducted by Jiggsoft. Names are confidential.

Information and cyber security casestudy


Analysis of a public transport company

A public transport company engaged Jiggsoft to find flaws in their NFC system.

   Download a summary

Penetration Testing


Pentest of a major hotel

A leading hotel chain engaged Jiggsoft to perform internal penetration testing using social engineering and badusb.

   Download a summary

Penetration Testing


Sensor technology for a CRM provider

Re-engineering of a Windows Metro CRM application using technology from the OWASP AppSensor Project.

   Download a summary

Penetration Testing


Pentest of a industry production center

A industrial production facitiliy engaged Jiggsoft to perform internal penetration testing pretending to be employees.

   Download a summary


We’re a Sweden based security obsessed collective of programmers, digital creatives and security specialists with the ambition to create tools and develop capabilities that defines the next generation of cyber security. In early 2017 we founded Jiggsoft and developed our own unique hardware and software platform combined with quick-reaction, rapid-prototyping capabilities for offensive security testing. We believe that sucess is defined by innovation and by creating exceptional solutions it is possible to meet our customers' unique and complex challenges. We keep things lean, simple and straightforward and we care a lot about privacy, anonymity and freedom.

Meet a few of the people behind the magic!
Peter Chikasha
Chief Executive Officer
Hubert Wickman
Head Of Sales
Rikard Nilsson
Chief Product Officer
Mathias Oni
Digital Strategy Manager
Muhammad Shehzad
Research and Innovation Manager
Victor Jarbratt
Chief Technology Officer
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