Sensor Technology

Sensor technology is one of the most important advancements in application security in the last decade. Just like smoke detectors can detect fires, sensor technology can help keep your cloud solution or mobile application safe by analysing the patterns and the behaviour of incoming users and classifying them either as intruders or normal users.


Sensor technology constantly analys trends and patterns from pools of information from earlier attacks. Using that information, it is quite possible to identify attacks based on their behaviour alone and stop them before they do any major damage. The implementation of this technology is basically performed by defining a white list for a subset of application functionality. Then it is a simple task to identify exceptions to this white list.

It is only necessary to cover the highest risks because smart sensor technology can easily be applied to identify a certain pattern. Once an attack is identified, a predefined adaptive response can be undertaken in real-time. Responses can be anything that you may desire. This includes logging users out, locking an account, hardening the application and sending alerts to supervisors, signalling infrastructure devices to perform other actions, or sharing data with other systems or industry groups.

The security measures can also be used to quarantine threats that managed to bypass the defences. This happens by disabling only the infected parts of the infrastructure and keeping the rest of it operating. This locks the attacker to a specific part and does not allow access to anything else. We can help you implement this in your existing system or we can also assist you in creating solutions from scratch that utilize state of the art equipment and technologies. Although building equipment not related to security is not our strength, we can include it if you require it as part of your project! Around half of our workforce is extremely skilled and experienced in system development and UX design.

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