Online casinos and betting websites are a highly sought after target for hackers worldwide. They are easy targets for cyber criminals because they carry lots of vulnerabilities. The payout appeal for hackers is quite high here as these websites cater to large numbers of people and manage large amounts of money. Their servers store sensitive customer information like credit card numbers, passwords and other personal information which is quite valuable to hackers.

Besides that, gambling websites are often based in off-shore locations. Protective measures in these places are inferior and these locations are susceptible to cyber-attacks. These websites are a paradise for hackers and they can profit from these poorly defended servers.

Recently, hackers has been targeting casinos in the U.S. by hacking into high-tech fish tanks that's connected to the internet. By exploiting security holes related to the tank's temperature and monitor feedings they have been able to retrieve sensitive data. We can assist you in securing your business both online and offline, just drop us a line.

In the future everything can be hacked

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