Chernobyl is the first of the new generation, USB penetration testing devices to enter operational service. The concept is quite simple; Chernobyl use the same tactics, techniques and procedures as the cyber villain’s that want to steal your data and destroy your business. The device combines the latest threat intelligence from the darknet with advanced technology and helps you stay up to date within a cybersecurity landscape that’s changing faster than ever.


Monitor Anything

Superior surveillance tools designed to detect all kinds of data, either received or sent by the target computer.

Recover Anything

Bypass any protection system and extract credentials from most applications within 15 seconds.

100% Customizable

Superior tactical flexibility in terms of payloads and customized hardware addons.

Amazing hardware

Chernobyl is powered by an ARM processor in speeds up to 1 Ghz and supports micro sd up to 120 gb.

It's not like a usb-stick. It is a real computer, just different dimensions. Best-in-class penetration testing requires access to the latest open source tools and blazing fast hardware components. Chernobyl features a Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 2 ghz, 32 K L1/512 K L2 Cache, 512 MB DDR3 Memory, 8 GB SLC NAND DiskPower Requirements, USB 5V ~1.5A

Since we founded Jiggsoft, we have understood the strength of our software in offensive security testing, law enforcement and intelligence investigations. We also have established the potential for abuse of the surveillance technologies that we produce, hence take a number of precautions to limit the potential for misuse. We provide our software only to businesses with legitimate use, such as offensive security testing and governed agencies. We do not promote sale of Chernobyl or related products to individuals and expect private owned businesses to have legitimate use of the product. We do not engage ourselves in the sale of products to sources and firms in countries blacklisted by the U.S., E.U., U.N., NATO or ASIA. We review potential customers before marketing to determine whether or not there is objective evidence or credible interest that Jiggsoft technology issued to the customer. A process used to enforce the protection of human rights violations. We fully comply with dual use and export controls called for in the nineteenth plenary meeting of the Wassenaar Arrangement. Jiggsoft policies and procedures are consistent with the international Know Your Customer guidelines. Despite the stricty rules, it's a simpler process than opening a bank account. For most potiential customers we will ask for a scanned copy of your ID and your business registration certicate, our staff will later take certain messures to confirm that it is correct, if we can't confirm the information we will ask you to provide notarized copy of relevant documents with an apostille to confirm that everything is OK.