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A good strategy for cybersecurity involves the entire organization, not just technology but also users, processes, and culture. There are many frameworks for this. In this jungle of standards it is important to remember that no organization is stronger than its weakest points. According to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment, there are many models for improving IT-security.

In a vulnerable world with new threats evolving daily, it is hard to fully protect an organization from intruders. Therefore, the official Swedish government policy is such that the most important is business continuity. While it might not be possible to totally avoid cyber attacks, it is possible to build organizational resilience with capabilities of an effective response that will safeguard the firm's interests and reliability of operations

At Jiggsoft we turn theory into practice by applying the Business Continuity Management model, by going through the life-cycle the organizational resilience will be contentiously improved. Undoubtedly, we can help you with most strategies through the use of recommendations by the Swedish and the U.S. government.

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