Customized Hardware

As you may have seen, we have already built a USB attack platform. Our engineers are always willing to take things to the next level and are readily available to build new and unique solutions in cooperation with your company. The sky is the limit! Day after day the lowered costs of robotics and microprocessors have brought us to a level of functionality and versatility that will surprise you!

With the introduction of open source standards such as Arduino which incorporate the latest robotic technologies, you can now replace expensive PLC control systems, simplify board designs, and enable sensors that communicate with other devices over the internet and will help in reducing maintenance and equipment costs. We also work with microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi, but as it is not as suitable for mass production at the same scale as Arduino, we have developed our very own hardware running Linux on Raspberry Pi that we use for advanced penetration testing.

We can work with the microcontroller of your choice and we can assist you in all aspects of your project that includes everything from design and prototyping to testing and mass production of devices. If what you have in mind is a specific device designated for a particular task or a device intended for commercial use that requires mass production, drop us a line and we can help you to find the best solution.


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