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HackCube is a totally new way for organizations to perform penetration tests, designed to meet all security testing requirements of organizations that operates globally, whenever you have your operations in Stockholm or Gibraltar. Once plugged into your network it will enable our security specialists to remotely access your network and perform tests at very low costs. The HackCube can also be configuated to run automatic scripts to ensure that your security keeps up with the latest standards and ensures the safety of your organization.

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Detect Vulnerabilities

Pre-loaded with a complete set of world-leading open source tools for penetration testing, not only limited to local network attacks but also WiFi attacks and web attacks, the choice is yours!

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Prevent Attacks

By constantly monitoring your security and running tests the HackCube can be automatized to protect you organization and reduce the costs of penetrating testing to a fraction of what's it been in the past.

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Virtual CISO

Instead of hiring a cyber security specialist, the HackCube enables your company, no matter the size of your business to have access to a cyber security specialist team on demand perfectly aligned for your needs.

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Open Source

The HackCube combines open source software and an advanced platform powered by a quadcore ARM processor running at 1.2 Ghz with 1 GB ram for maximum operational effectiveness.

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