Industry & Innovation centers

The ever growing threat of cyber-attacks is introducing new challenges to industrial manufacturers and research centers. Manufacturing and research systems are almost always meant to be used for productive purposes. Due to this, the security of these particular systems has never been of a high priority. Putting physical sabotage operations aside, the globalization of business operations introduces an all new threat. This threat includes but is not limited to malicious attacks and the theft of intellectual property. In some cases cyber criminals are paid by rival companies to steal blueprints and other confidential information that will give rivals an edge in the international marketplace.

According to some statistics from Kaspersky Labs, 21% of manufacturers worldwide have been targets of cyber criminals. According to NASDAQ 47% of all cyber-attacks against the manufacturing industry are done with the intention of stealing intellectual property. Most of the attacks are carried out using specially designed malware with simple but deadly tasks. For example malware is programmed to make copies of files with certain file extensions such as .sql, .doc, .ai, and .psd files. Manufacturers and research centers are always looking for ways to protect their operations by adopting new methodologies to protect their valuable trade secrets.

Jiggsoft collaborates with manufacturers and research centers to help them stay secure and well-defended in an online world that is evolving faster than ever. We specialize in malware analysis and can easily identify and provide solutions to different types of threats. We are also good at identifying weak points and cracks in an organizations cyber security.

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