Attacks on complex IT-infrastructure are becoming more and more common. Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated due to hackers possessing better skills and better equipment to attack bigger targets.

The most targeted areas for high level infrastructure attacks are DCS (Distribution Control Systems) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems). These systems are popular in most processing industries and manufacturing facilities. Most attacks can be identified as harmful malware that identifies itself as SCADA or even as inoffensive software scanning for specific information related to SCADA. The main goal of these attacks is to identify and steal sensitive information, an activity commonly referred to as cyber espionage.

While SCADA and other similar systems are important tools for big data acquisition, they are also vulnerable to be targeted by cyber attacks. Our company can help you to avoid such attacks by, for example choosing a strategy that will separate the flow of information between your systems different components. An example of this is installing a hardware device that filters data passed through perimeter and blocks sensitive data from all kinds of access.

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