The rise of crypters and the decline of anti-virus software means that there are no "guarantees" against an attack. Thoughout the history of business data has shown to be the best way to make decisions during times of uncertainty. It is our belief that by collecting, mapping and correlating huge data collected from the dark sides of the web it is possible to build solutions that can stand their ground against hacker attacks, even 0 day exploits.






Only 10 % of the content online can be accessed using search engines. The rest is either not indexed or is hidden from the public users using TOR and onion links. The latest security exploits are published in hidden forums that requires vouched access. We manually gather information from such websites and perform daily analysis to find patterns and trends. Moreover, we gather information from over 5000 hidden websites using machine-learning algorithms. Just as modern factories allowed products to be built from prefabricated component parts instead of being custom built by hand, threat intelligence let our developers build complex solutions by using prebuilt components. The result: mission critical penetration testing solutions that can be deployed 10 times faster. It's really the security industry’s equivalent of the Industrial Revolution.