Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) brings everything together by enabling all exchange of information between any device, no matter if it is a car or a coffee maker. In the next years it is expected that the number of connected devices will exceed 20 billion, however, it also means that previously closed system will be exposed to security threats. Taking into consideration the lack of standards and legislation, third-party suppliers and a growing demand for new devices, IoT brings new security challenges for companies and governments all over the world.

Each IoT device requires a unique approach and we have the capabilities to help you with everything related to IoT security. Beside security testing, our team can also assist you during the entire development cycle with implementing of 'secure by design'. Together, we can build devices that embed a bulletproof security apparatus into your solutions and services that can stand their ground, even against government-sponsored cyber attacks.

In the future everything can be hacked

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