Malware Analysis

It all started back in December 1989 with the AIDS encryption Trojan that was distributed on 20 000 floppy discs to more than 90 countries. 19 years later in a world where everything is connected 24/7 the risk of being infected is enormously high. In the late 80s, the crypto Trojans asked the victims to send money by snail mail to a Panamanian PO Box, nowadays ransom money can be paid instantly in cryptocurrencies. The malware being developed today doesn’t only ask for money, some of them are actually specially designed to operate in the shadows and steal important information such as blueprints, customer databases, e-mail, bank logins and much more. 

Whenever an attack is successful, it is important to analyse the behaviour of the malware to determine how it got into the system, the purpose of the attack and identify the people behind it. Our specialists have long experience in analysing malware and the reverse-engineering the source code. We can help you with both understanding the impact of an incident and taking the right steps to avoid it from happening again.

In the future everything can be hacked

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