We believe that creating the future of cyber security requires a wide set of skills and a great team. Our management team has wide experience, everything from entrepreneurs till former intelligence military officers.          
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Peter Chikasha

Chief Executive Officer

Peter is the superintendent for Jiggsoft and has a background in design and education industry. His tasks involve amendments in feasible memorandums, accounting, recruiting of new clients and is host of the business prospect & development organization.
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Rikard Nilsson

Chief Product Officer

Rikard founded his first company at age 14 and has extensive experience in turning visions into amazing products by using his imagination and creativity. Currently he’s in charge of matching our hardware engineering with what our customers expects from us.
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Hubert Wickman

Chief Security Officer

Hubert has a long experience of intelligence operations in the military, including missions in the world's most hazardous hotspots. Currently our specialist in analyzing data from the Darknet and provide us with the latest intelligence from the dark side of the internet.
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Mathias Onibet

Chief Technology Officer

Mathias founded one of the first cyber security companies targeting Mac OS back in 1999, has a broad experience in working with law enforcement agencies. Parallel to coaching our research team in Prague, he also is accounts for new business development in Latin America.