Jiggsoft Limited is a British based company specializing in penetration testing and creating innovative products. Originally a Swedish start-up, Jiggsoft has grown into full-size corporation that can provide comprehensive security products and solutions, technical consultancy and services as well professional training for our customers.

In a world that’s constantly changing with daily news about security threats we want to make a difference. Our ambition is that using the internet should be a safe experience, free from crypto viruses, computer hijacking attacks and theft of intellectual property by industrial espionage hackers. However, with the introduction of crypters and ransomware, we face challenges which anti-virus software were never designed to meet. There's considerably less time to react to sophisticated cyberattacks using military graded tools

Our products HackCube and Chernobyl, as well as our consulting services transforms the cyber security landscape by helping people stay ahead of a insecure world that's changing more rapidly than never before. We don't believe in stimulations, rather we use the same methods, tactics and tools as the bad guys to launch countermeasures.  

Our team consists of entrepreneur that started their business by creating innovating Mac OS X apps back in the 2000s, military threat intelligence specialists, hackers and financial specialists with experience from the cryptocurrency startup scene. Maybe you want to join us in building a safer world?


Peter Chief Executive Officer

Peter is the overall manager at Jiggsoft and beside being CEO, he's also taking a active role in engaging new customers and coaching our business development team.

Rikard Chief Product Officer

Rikard founded his first company at age 14 and has extensive experience in turning visions into amazing products by using his imagination and creativity.

Hubert Chief Security Officer

Hubert has a long experience of intelligence operations in the military sector, including real missions in the worlds most dangerous hotspots. He's the person in charge of gathering intelligence from the darknet and use it for building our amazing usbplatform.

Mathias Chief Technology Officer

Mathias started his first keylogger company in 1999 by developing innovative stealth keyloggers for Mac OS Classic. Today he's in charge of marketing and sales related to Latin America, a very interesting and growing market of our business operations.

Robin Cheif Financial Officer

As chief financial officer, Robin is responsible for leading Jiggsoft's worldwide finance organization, including treasury activities, tax planning, accounting and reporting audit investor relations.

Victor Co-founder

Victor co-founded Jiggsoft with Rikard, Hubert and Peter in 2017 and is currently responsible for supervising all our projects. He also leads our hardware research team, building hack solutions for the future!